Bride: Maya King, 34 Groom: Cyril Gumbs, 39 Occupations: Maya: Information Systems specialist; Cyril: Verizon Tech and DJ Hometown: Queens, NY Wedding Date: August 1, 2009 Wedding Location: East Wind Inn and Spa, Waiting River, NY For a Lifetime Friends since 1994 and lovers since 1999, Maya and Cyril dated for nearly 10 years before taking the plunge into matrimony. Almost a year after their August 2009 wedding, Maya is pregnant with their first child. These two are all about laying a solid foundation and planning for the future. The Gift of Love Cyril, a Verizon tech and DJ in NYC, tearfully went to Maya’s father two days in a row to ask for her hand in marriage. When he got the OK, he put his plan to propose in motion and got his family involved. At his sister’s Christmas party in New Jersey, both families gathered around the tree to exchange gifts, most people in the house now knowing just how connected they would soon be. After everyone had unwrapped their presents, there was still one more present under the tree. Underneath the wrapping and inside a box was a custom-made engagement ring. In front of their entire family, Cyril asked Maya to make him the happiest man in the world and be his wife. She accepted. “It was everything I could have wanted,” Maya remembers. “Especially because it was in front of our families. Everybody got to be there.” Planning Makes Perfect The couple decided to take 20 months to save up and plan for their dream wedding. Both bride and groom contributed equal amounts to the event and then Maya’s parents filled in the gaps. An organized planner, Maya found the wedding location early on in May 2008. The bride also used a Microsoft Excel spread sheet to keep track of everything. Full House The newlyweds live in Maya’s family’s old home in Queens, New York. Her parents, who decided to move back to Queens, live in one of the apartments downstairs and her sister lives in a one-bedroom next door. The couple hopes to keep the home in mint condition for their next generation, beginning with Maya’s current bun in the oven. “When my dad and mom got married, they started out in this house too,” says Maya, who, “saw a lot of traits in Cyril that reminded [her] of [her] father.” View May and Cyril’s beautiful family affair. Read More: