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Bridal Bliss: May I Have This Dance?

Timi asked Brittany to dance at a medical school party and they fell for each other the minute they hit the dance floor. “The moment he dipped me, I knew,” she says.  See their romantic wedding and share their love!

Bride: Brittany Nicole Dawson, 28, Internal Medicine Resident

Groom: Timi Sena Kola Tuamokumo, 31, Physician

Married On: April 6, 2013

Wedding Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

One Moment In Time
Brittany met the man of her dreams on the day she completed her fourth year of medical school. It was an all around amazing moment for her – her family was in town, she was saying goodbye and sharing final memories with great friends and she had just found out where she’d be conducting her medical residency program. What she didn’t know then was that earlier that day Timi had spotted her leaving the facility with her family and was instantly smitten. He was there to support friends of his who were in her program. “He later told me that he got an intense feeling when he saw me and that he believed God created that moment for a reason,” Brittany recalls.

Can I Have This Dance?
Later that night, even though he was juggling a grueling schedule, Timi attended a celebration party with the hopes of bumping into Brittany. “A mutual friend of ours told me that Timi asked about me and that he was a really great guy,” says Brittany. “He approached me at the party, and we started talking.” When B.O.B’s “Nothing On You” started to play, Timi asked Brittany to dance with him. “At the end of the song, he dipped me, and that’s when I knew I was really going to give him a chance.” They exchanged numbers and were happily dating before they even knew what hit them.

Happy Valentine’s Day
After having managed a long distance relation for nearly two years, Timi had just relocated from Birmingham, Alabama to Lubbock, Texas, while Brittany was still living in Memphis, Tennessee. He came to town to visit her the weekend before Valentine’s Day 2012. Timi insisted she come home on time so that they could make it to their reservations at a local Thai restaurant. Unfortunately, Brittany had a crazy day at work, so by the time she got off, she was late and exhausted. He heated up dinner for her at home, but Timi told Brittany to get dressed up because they had somewhere else to be. He loves surprising her, so she knew there was no way he was going to tell her where they were headed. Timi took her to a painting studio called Painting With A Twist where couples bring wine and paint a picture with the class. “We had a ball!” Brittany recalls. When they left, Timi promised his lady that their amazing night was nowhere near over.  It was a familiar evening—on their very first date, they’d gone for Thai, went to another “drink and paint” place and then gone to catch a movie. Timi was recreating that night, step-by-step.

When they arrived at the movie theater on the University of Memphis campus, it was completely empty. There were rose petals on the floor leading up to their seats and a bouquet of roses and white chocolate covered strawberries (Brittany’s favorite!) waiting there for her. That’s when the lights dimmed and Timi’s face appeared on the screen. Brittany watched the film which showed Timi interviewing her best friends, parents and other family members about their relationship and why they felt they were perfect for each other.

The film ended by instructing Brittany to look to her right. Through her tears she saw Timi down on bended knee ready to propose. “He is so amazing to have gone through all of that to create a moment like that for me and one that he knew I’d never forget.”

Does anyone else need a tissue right about now? (We sure do.) See the couple’s lovely wedding photos and share their love!

Photos: elle Danielle Photography