Bride: Mary Ndidi Egbuniwe, 30, Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident

Groom: Akinwunmi Ojo-Carons, 31, Urology Resident

Married On: 9/24/11

Wedding Location: The Legare Waring-House, Charleston, South Carolina

Wedding Theme: Southern Vintage Romance

The Love Doctor
Mary was a medical student just beginning her third year of medical school when she and Akin first crossed paths. She was assigned to work at Washington Hospital Center and on her second day there she spotted Akin chatting up a colleague in the hall. They locked eyes and exchanged polite grins but nothing more for some time. From then on, no words were exchanged, just nods and smiles. “Although we didn’t speak to one another, there was something about Akin that attracted me,” admits Mary. During the second half of her rotation, things between them began to heat up. He was assigned as one of the interns on her team and as they started to work closely together, Mary got to know another side of him – the one that was sweet, caring, and humble – not just his “bullheaded” operating room persona. She liked the man she was getting to know very much.

One Last Chance
Mary’s rotation ended before Akin could make his move, but he would get another shot sooner than he thought. Mary returned to the hospital a few weeks later for another rotation and paged him to see how he was doing. They bonded over treatment of their patient. When they returned to the nurse’s desk he asked her to go out with him that weekend. She did and that’s when the magic happened.

The Second Time Around
Like many women, Mary thought for sure she’d know the exact moment when Akin was about to propose – so much so, that she actually burst into tears once on a road trip because she’d convinced herself it was “the moment” and realized she’d been all wrong. Akin asked her to be patient that night and promised her good things were coming. He kept his end of the deal. When she moved from D.C. to New York to be with him for his new residency, he took her on a romantic dinner cruise along the Hudson River to welcome her to the city. It was there on top of the boat that he called out to her and she turned to find him on bended knee. Overwhelmed with joy, she accepted his heartfelt proposal. Share their love!

Photos: Tunji Sarumi Photography