Bride: Marcia Ann-Marie Vassell, Management Professional

Groom: Jaharton J. Johnson, Operations Manager

Married On: September 30, 2011

Wedding Location: Vaughan, Ontario (Canada)

The New Girl
When Marcia emigrated from Jamaica to Canada in 1989, she didn’t know a soul besides her sister. Marcia would accompany her sister and her boyfriend to their soccer games so she could get acquainted with her new surroundings and make friends. As the new kid on the block, she was introduced to the guys on the team as the “off limits little sister” who they could “look at but not touch.” JJ was one of the players on the team who had a crush on Marcia but he knew better than to make a move.

A Chance at Love
Years later, JJ finally got a chance to say more than just “hello” to Marcia, and he went for it. “I was at a party one evening dancing with another guy and noticed JJ kept looking at me but wouldn’t speak,” Marcia recalls. “The guy went outside and JJ walked by. I said, ‘You can say hi, you know? I don’t bite!’” It was an instant icebreaker and their friendship quickly morphed into more. JJ asked Marcia to meet him for a movie and chose a flick so frightening, she held on to him all night. (Which was his plan all along, she suspects.) The rest, as they say, is history.

I Say A Little Prayer for You
After 14 years together, Marcia has shared many special moments with her loving beau JJ. The birth of their daughter is her most cherished, but she admits, JJ’s proposal also ranks pretty high on the list because it was do divine. Marcia is the personal assistant to the pastors at their church. One Sunday, as service ended, the pastor asked the church members to pray for her in honor of her big heart and commitment to the Lord. Thankful for the support, Marcia made her way to the front of the church, closed her eyes and turned her back to the churchgoers, as instructed. When she opened her eyes, there JJ sat on bended knee asking her for her hand in marriage in front of their entire congregation. She was overcome with pride and excitement over what was to come. She married her dream guy in a romantic outdoor ceremony just a few months later. Share their love!

Photos: Divine Method Photography
Planner: June Plumm Events