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Bridal Bliss: A Love Worth Waiting For

At 40, Dawn knew exactly the kind of husband she’d been waiting for, and when she met Reginald on Match.com, she was sure she’d found him and that the love they share was well worth the wait. See their beautiful vintage wedding style and share their love!

Bride: Dawn Cauthorne Miller, 40, Recruiting and Talent Management

Groom: Reginald Hendricks, 44, Director of Capture Management

Married On: June 15, 2013

Wedding Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Wedding Style: Vintage Glamour

Something New
Before you sleep on online dating, you may want to think again. When Dawn decided to set up a profile on Match.com to find out what all of the buzz was about, within a month she met Reginald. He was the second match she made on the site, and their first date was a winner.

Shower Me With Your Love
The week, Reginald planned to propose, he went out of his way to ensure that Dawn knew something special was coming. On the Wednesday befpre, he sent a dozen roses to her office with a heartfelt note professing his love. The next day, he sent one and a half dozen roses and another sweet message. When two dozen more roses arrived at Dawn’s office on Friday with a note that read “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings,” she knew she’d found a man who knew how to cherish her and treat her right.

An Evening of Romance
On Saturday, Reginald took Dawn on a romantic dinner date and then for a ride through the city to National Harbor. It was a beautiful night and they walked around the marina hand-in-hand. Suddenly a man Dawn didn’t know approached them and said to Reginald, “Mr. Hendricks, this way, please.” She was speechles – Reginald had arranged for them to board a private yacht for a romantic sail along the Potomac River.

The Love Boat
As they cruised around the city, they toasted to their relationship and reminisced about the amazing memories they’d shared in their year together. Then, all of a sudden, Reginald got down on one knee and presented Dawn with a stunning engagement ring. “My mind went blank for a few seconds while I honed in on that big ‘ole ring,” she tells us. Reginald told her that every minute he looks forward to the next hour when they’re together, and after each hour, he looks forward to the next day, week and month. Then he said the words she’d been waiting for: “Dawn, will you marry me, so I can spend the of my life with you?” It was the perfect moment. “I was ecstatic,” she shares.

Photos: Scrole Vision Photography