Bride: Jasmine, Maurine Anderson, 31, Marketing Professional

Groom: Jonathan David Taylor, 28, Senior Financial Analyst

Married On: July 27, 2013

Wedding Location: Cypress Grove Estate House, Orlando, FL.

Wedding Style: Southern Garden Wedding

Smooth Moves
Jasmine met her husband Jonathan in the last place she would have ever imagined – inside a popular New York City nightclub. Her original plan was to go out for a night on the town with her good friend Diana, who was visiting from out of town, and a few of Diana’s local friends from law school. When they arrived at the downtown club, she quickly spotted Jonathan, who was a friend of a friend who stood out in the heavy crowd. Jasmine thought he was cute but was worried he might be a little too young for her. As fate would have it, he was feeling her vibes too, so he walked over, introduced himself and started to chat her up. “After my second cocktail, I knew it wouldn’t hurt to keep talking to this handsome guy,” she admits. “After all, it was New York City on a Saturday night.” The music was loud, which gave Jonathan the perfect excuse to sit closer to her and the sparks between them continued to fly. “Jonathan was funny, smart and attentive,” Jasmine adds. “After he called me ‘grandma’ when I remarked that he was too young for me, I knew I would give him my phone number.” And, she did.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
Things between Jonathan and Jasmine were going splendidly, and he knew it was time to make his biggest move yet. They took a trip to her hometown of Los Angeles, and when they landed they went straight to her sister’s apartment to help her move out and into a new place. Exhausted after all the moving and having to babysit her nieces and nephews to keep them out of trouble, Jasmine almost wasn’t up for Jonathan’s dinner plans for that night.

Lucky for her, he was able to convince her to join him and it soon became an evening she would never forget. They went to One Pico at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica and shared a lovely meal. “I noticed that everyone from the hostess to the waiter were all so nice to us,” Jasmine recalls. While waiting for dessert, he handed her an envelope. Inside the envelope was a letter. Since Jonathan wrote Jasmine love letters all the time, she still had no clue what was really happening. In this letter, he wrote about how much he loved her and how great the last three years of his life with her had truly been. He also spoke about her grandmother, Ruby, who raised her from childhood and passed away in 2005. “Jonathan wrote that he was thankful to my grandmother for contributing to the growth of the woman he planned to spend his life with,” Jasmine shares. “I remember thinking that my grandmother would have loved Jonathan. The end of the letter instructed me to look up, and there he was on one knee, with a beautiful ring. Of course, I said yes.”

The couple’s garden wedding was romantic and filled with unforgettable memories shared with close friends and family. See their spectacular wedding photos and share their love.

Photos: ArtPhotoSoulPhotographers