Bride: Nicole Sahara George, 36, ASCAP Vice President

Groom: Matthew John Middleton, 42, Attorney

Married On: September 15, 2012

Wedding Location: Birchwood Manor, Whippany, NJ

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

The Perfect Candidate
In the summer of 2001, soulmates Nicole and Matt met at a rather unexpected place: a job interview. He interviewed her for an associate position at his law firm. She got the job—of course!—and a few months later she joined the staff. Their friendship blossomed instantly and soon grew to be much more. “It didn’t take Matt and I long to discover how much we had in common,” says Nicole.

A Perfect Match
As Nicole and Matt fell for each other, something even more unexpected happened. They began to realize they had more in common than they ever could have dreamed. Their pasts overlapped and intersected in unexplainable ways. When they were young, they lived in the same building, just five floors apart, but their families never met. They share an astrological sign and their birthdays are just one day apart. They learned they even shared the same Sunday passions—church service, then a restful day at home. It was as if they were born to share their lives together. “Because of all that Matt and I had in common, and the fact that we spent so much time together, our bond grew stronger and our relationship closer,” Nicole explains. “Even when circumstances led us in different directions, we were always drawn back to each other.”

Family Man
Matt proposed to Nicole on Christmas Eve morning. “I had just finished making breakfast for him and our son, Miles,” says Nicole. “I was washing some dishes. All of a sudden, I hear Matt’s voice say ‘Mommy, will you marry me?’ and he and our toddler were both down on the floor. Matt was on one knee and our son trying as best he could to balance himself on one knee, too. It was the cutest sight ever.“

Photos: Dante Williams Photography

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