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Bridal Bliss: When Love Calls

Jasmine set out to help Reginald find a job but wound up hiring him as her main man.
Bride: Jasmine Pree Hameth, 38, Principal Talent Acquisition Consultant

Groom: Reginald Lee Hameth, 45, Development Officer

Married Since: April 2, 2011

Wedding Location: Tunica Riverpark Museum, Tunica, Mississippi

Sweet Serendipity
Jasmine and Reginald grew up in small Arkansas communities only 30 miles apart. They knew many of the same people, but had never actually met. Fast-forward many years later. She was living in Mississippi, working in human resources and he was relocating back to Arkansas from Atlanta. A mutual friend put them in touch because Jasmine had some HR insight and Reginald needed some advice on finding a new job in the area. They setup a phone meeting that quickly became more like a phone date. “I immediately knew we had kindred spirits,” says Jasmine. “We talked about his resume for 30 minutes and the rest of the time was about us. I woke up the next morning thinking about him.” She wasn’t the only one who had a crush. Reginald sent her a text saying he’d thoroughly enjoyed their conversation and would love to call her again that evening. The rest, as they say, is history.

Long Distance Love
Although they’d fallen head over heels for one another, it didn’t change the fact that Jasmine and Reginald lived in two different states. Late night phone calls and romantic emails helped them stay close, but being far apart never got easier. After two years of long distance romance, Reginald had finally had it with being without his soul mate. He called Jasmine and told her he was headed to Memphis to see her. Reginald took much longer than usual to get there, so a worried Jasmine called to check on her man. He wound up having car trouble and needing a tow truck’s assistance to make it to her place.

You’re Worth It
When Reginald walked in, Jasmine swore he was going to vent to her about the terrible day he’d had, but instead he just turned, took her hand, and said, “This made it all worth it.” He proposed, she accepted, and as he placed the ring on her finger, she cried tears of joy while he held her in his arms. “He told me that his car started giving him trouble as soon as he crossed the Mississippi state line, but he was determined to get my ring.”

Jasmine and Reginald were married six months later in a stunning spring ceremony on the banks of the Mississippi River. Share their love.

Photos: Amy Hutchinson Photography
Event Planning: Andria Lewis Events