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Bridal Bliss: Jasmine and Mark’s Florida Wedding

From high school best friends to college soul mates, Jasmine and Mark’s love has proven the test of time. Their oceanfront wedding was a moment to cherish. Share their love!

Bride: Jasmine Felicia Fowlkes, 26, Senior Research Analyst

Groom: Mark Leslie Clennon, Jr., 26, Digital Account Manager

Married On: February 15, 2014

Ceremony Location: Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

Reception Location: Sanders Beach Corinne Jones Resource Center, Pensacola, FL

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

A Lesson In Love
Believe it or not, a teacher first introduced Jasmine and Mark to one another during their sophomore year of high school. They quickly found out they had loads in common – they even lived on the same street. Sharing a bus stop made it easy for them to become the best of friends. It wasn’t a coincidence that they both graduated and went on to attend The University of South Florida; it was fate. Just one month into their freshman year, a romance between them bloomed. They’ve been together ever since.

Back To Where It All Began
While living together in New York City, in December 2012 Jasmine and Mark decided to fly back home to Florida to spend the holidays with their families. While their, Mark insisted that they go back and visit their old high school bus stop where everything began. When they got there, Mark dropped onto bended knee and asked Jasmine to be his wife. “Mark wanted to ask me to marry him at the very place that he first laid eyes on me,” says Jasmine. “It was special and unique, just like our relationship.” They spent the reminder of the afternoon eating at a romantic beachfront restaurant and holding hands while walking on the sand. “I will never ever forget that day,” says the lovely bride. “We are blessed to have gone from high school friends, to college sweethearts, to husband and wife.” See their romantic Valentine’s Day weekend “I dos” and share their love.

Photos: Cendino Temé Photography