Bride: Janell Latisha Claiborne, 30, Pharmacist

Groom: Corey David Artis, 30, Leasing Consultant

Married On: August 8, 2015

Location: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

Wedding Style: Classic Romance

When Opposites Attract
Janell and Corey first met in the10th grade at a high school football game. They attended rival schools but had mutual friends. Sparks flew fast! “He was the cool guy who threw all of the great parties, and I was the quiet girl and the excellent student,” she recalls. Although they were total opposites, their attraction to one another was completely undeniable. Their friendship eventually evolved into a classic love story. “During the beginning, I was living in Virginia and he was in New York,” she continues. “He would get on the bus, train, or plane every Friday evening to come and visit me and return every Sunday night or Monday morning. He showed me that he valued our relationship and I found myself living for the weekends to come because he quickly became by best friend.”

The Time Has Come
The weekend after Corey’s 29th birthday, he and Janell were all geared up to celebrate their third anniversary as a couple. He convinced her that all of his friends were coming into town to for his birthday dinner.  Before they went out that night, Corey turned to Janell and said, “Even though it’s my birthday, I have something for you for our anniversary.” He then led her to the theatre room of their apartment complex, which he had reserved just for them. Corey had carefully put together a DVD of short videos from all of their friends and family saying congratulations for making three years together.  “It was literally 20 people,” Janell joyfully recalls. “It was the cutest thing ever!” When they arrived at the restaurant a little later on, the very first person Janell spotted in the crowd was her father. That’s when it all started to make sense. “I knew this was the moment!” she recalls. “Corey had invited about 30 of our friends and family (including most of the people in the DVD) to the restaurant too. With all of them surrounding us, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.” See their romantic wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Life Gallery Studio

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