Bride: Stacie A. Sanders, 29, Director of Sales

Groom: Morris C. Martin Jr., 31. Mobile Expert

Married On: May 11, 2013

Wedding Location: Ashton Gardens, Sugar Hill, GA

Wedding Style: North Meets South/Black Tie

Best Date Ever
When Stacie moved to New York City from Tampa, Florida, a friend introduced her to a guy named Morris over email. Morris also lived in the city and she was hoping they’d connect. After exchanging a few emails, they agreed to meet for dinner at a romantic restaurant called Woo Lae Oak. The restaurant’s theme was that you cooked your own food, so Stacie and Morris found themselves in a fun cook-off on their first date. Dinner went so well that they decided to go nightclub hopping, and they danced the night away. Their love story began that night. “Since that first night, we’ve been inseparable,” Stacie recalls. “We had so many things in common. From UFC to Bon Jovi to Beyoncé – for different reason, of course.”

Let’s Celebrate
The first thing Morris did when he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Stacie was ask her father for his permission over the Christmas holiday. He had originally planned to pop the question in front of all her friends and family, but he decided to take his time and plan a more intimate occasion.

To celebrate their second anniversary, they met after work and took a taxi cab to one of their favorite bars for happy hour drinks. While they drank and toasted to the occasion, Morris handed Stacie a little card with her first name on it and the date that they first met. “I talked about how  nervous I was on that day and we reminisced about our first impressions of each other, “ he tells us. They went up to the rooftop to take in the views, and Morris casually pointed up to a hotel room with a balcony and an even better view. Just as Stacie commented on how nice it was, he pulled out a room key and told her that room was theirs for the night.

Romance Realized
There was a bottle of Stacie’s favorite champagne waiting inside along with a few anniversary gifts. After checking in, they headed out for a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant. During dinner, Morris handed Stacie another card – this one had her middle name on it and the date of their first anniversary. They reminisced about their first year together and shared memories and laughs. For dessert, Morris took Stacie to the courtyard at The Palace, which is always lit up at night and one of her favorite places to visit. Suddenly, Morris stopped to tie his shoe, and when Stacie looked down, he was on bended knee handing her a ring box. She started to cry and jump for joy. Morris’ fraternity brother was nearby snapping photos as Morris handed Stacie the final card.  This one had his last name on it and an infinity symbol. She knew exactly what he was trying to tell her and she couldn’t wait to spend happily ever after with Morris.

Photos: Fotos by Fola

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