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Bridal Bliss: India and Jerej

You can find true love when you least expect it. One Sunday afternoon on her way to work, India bumped into her future husband, Jerej, at the local corner store. The rest is history. Share their love!

Bride: India Branch, 31, Marketing

Jerej Haggins, 32, Construction

Married On:
November 11, 2012

Wedding Location:
Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Wedding Style:
Island Romance

A Chance Encounter
One sunny Sunday afternoon in Spanish Harlem, New York, two soulmates crossed paths. India, who works in marketing, was on her way to work when she walked by Jerej, who had pulled over to stop at his favorite corner store to buy something to drink. Their eyes met and they both smiled. There was something instant about their connection. The two struck up a friendly conversation, and Jerej, who was impressed that India was off to work on a lazy Sunday, offered to give her a ride. Since she didn’t know him, that wasn’t happening. But, she was intrigued, so she handed him her business card. Jerej says he couldn’t believe she wouldn’t give him her personal phone number, but he wasn’t discouraged. A month later, he got up the courage to pick up the phone and see what India was up to. They met for sushi that night, and as she puts it, “that was it!”

A Change of Plans
Five years into their sweet courtship, India and Jerej were home one evening preparing for a romantic getaway to Mexico. That’s when Jerej received a phone call about a new and exciting job opportunity. In order for him to take the job, they realized their vacation would have to be put on hold. Suddenly Jerej began digging in his bag and before India even knew what was happening, he had pulled out an engagement ring and got down on bended knee right there in their living room. “He told me he loved me and didn’t want to wait another minute,” she says. Jerej had planned to propose while they were away in Mexico. “It was so genuine and unexpected. I loved it!” A year or so later, the lovebirds made it official in paradise at a luxurious resort in the Dominican Republic during a fun-filled wedding weekend. Share their love!