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Bridal Bliss: I Will Always Love You

After secretly crushing on Krystal throughout college, Jerome finally made his move the summer after graduation. From college acquaintances to soul mates that overcame long distance love, their story is as sweet as they come. Share their love!

Bride: Krystal Lynette Taylor, 28, Professional Makeup Artist

Groom: Jerome Beaman II, 29, Sales

Married On: August 25, 2012

Ceremony Location: Word and Worship Church, Jackson, MS

Reception Location: Pearl Community Room, Pearl, MS

Wedding Style: Vintage Glam

My College Crush
When Krystal and Jerome attended the University of Southern Mississippi for undergrad, they hung out in the same social circles but were never more than casual acquaintances. Although their paths crossed many times on campus, it wasn’t until the summer after graduation that Jerome finally got the nerve to reveal his true feelings for Krystal. She was living in Jackson, Mississippi, where his family also lived. Every time Jerome came into town to visit, he wanted to spend time with Krystal too. One day, a friend encouraged Jerome to ask Krystal out on a first date. Because things between them had always been more silly than serious, and he asked her out via Facebook, Krystal didn’t believe Jerome really had romantic intentions when he asked. Since it wasn’t an official date in her eyes, she brought her cousin and close friends along for the fun. Needless to say, Jerome was a little disappointed and when Krystal realized what she had done, and that he was really into her, she was determined to make it up to him.

Road Trip
Krystal and a few pals planned a road trip to visit Jerome in South Florida later that summer. They spent three fun-filled days together, and that’s when Krystal realized that she really enjoyed hanging out with Jerome—like, a lot. “He was so charming and funny,” she recalls. “Both of my friends could tell that I had a little crush on him, but, of course, I pretended that I didn’t so the weekend wouldn’t be awkward. After I arrived back in Jackson, I confessed my true feelings for him and I was happy to hear that he felt the same way.” From then on, they talked to each other on the phone daily. A month later, when he returned to Mississippi for homecoming, Jerome asked Krystal if they could make it official. They met each other’s parents two days later. “I guess you could say things were moving pretty fast, but everything was falling into place the way it should have,” Krystal shares. After a year and half of long distance romance, Krystal moved to Fort Lauderdale to be with Jerome and attend makeup artistry school.

Happy Anniversary
It was Krystal and Jerome’s two-year anniversary and they’d just moved to North Miami together. He tends to be an over-planner, so Krystal urged him to just go with the flow that day. They went to church, like usual, and then drove around in search of a restaurant with a great view to have dinner and celebrate. They found one, and after their meal they went out by the adjacent lake to take in the spectacular view. They asked a passerby to take their picture, and as Krystal dug into her bag looking for her lipstick, she heard Jerome say, “You told me that I tend to overthink and overplan things, so this time I’m taking your advice, and I’m just gonna go with the flow. Will you marry me?” She turned with delight and saw him standing there with her engagement ring in his hand. It was the best anniversary gift ever!

Photos: Carlyn Photography