Bride: Hermica Alise’ Buckner, 32, Learning and Performance Supervisor

Groom: Aderibigbe Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Alalade, 28, IT Manager

The Big Day: October 4, 2014

Wedding Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby

Ask And You Shall Receive
When you ask Hermica how she met her new husband Seyi, she’ll immediately tell you that she believes that words have power and she spoke him into her life the night they met. It was a Friday night in June. Two of Hermica’s close girlfriends had convinced her to go to one of Nashville’s best rooftop bars after work. By the time she arrived, the event was almost over, so she quickly suggested that they do a quick lap to see if they “noticed anyone they hadn’t met before.” Bingo! Just three minutes later, Seyi walked by and they locked eyes. “At that very moment, my life changed forever,” she says. “When our eyes met, I honestly felt like I was in a movie. Everything slowed down, the background faded and we were the only two in the room.” They engaged in the usual small talk and exchanged contact information. The very next day, he invited her to lunch. That was the first of many unforgettable memories they shared after that, including the one they love to refer to as their “Best Date Ever,” which happened within their first two weeks of dating.

Birthday Bliss
In August 2013, Seyi and Hermica traveled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate her birthday. On the evening that they arrived, the settled into their room and prepared for a wonderfully romantic dinner on the beach. “I must admit, I thought he was acting a little out of the ordinary,” she recalls. “I credited his odd behavior to a long day of travel and to the fun birthday evening ahead.” At dinner they were escorted to a private cabana on the beach where they could see, hear and smell the ocean. The madly in love pair enjoyed an amazing candlelit dinner while local musicians played a private set just for them. As the servers sang “Happy Birthday” to Hermica, she noticed Seyi hand their server his cell phone. That’s when he approached her and asked her to dance with him to make their evening complete. She accepted, but before she could even stand to join him on the dance floor, Seyi was down on one knee. “I know what else would make this night perfect,” he said to her. “If you would marry me.” See their romantic Nashville “I dos” and share their love.

Photos: Frozen Exposure Photography