Bride: Brittany Jade McCombs, 31, TV Editor

Groom: RJ Weaver, 38, Guidance Counselor

The Big Day: 7/11/15

Location: Sandy Hook Beach

Wedding Style: Outdoor Elegance

Digital Bliss
Sometimes all of the signs are pointing to love—you only need to follow them. While watching Sunday football with her friend Sorelle, Brittany saw a commercial for a popular dating site advertising a free membership promotion. “I had never thought of online dating before, but figured it couldn’t hurt if it was free,” she says. “I signed up and was immediately turned off by some of the guys that contacted me, so I stopped checking my profile.” A few weeks later, she checked her profile and found a message from RJ. She knew immediately that something was different about this guy. “I liked the way he wrote to me,” she adds. “It was really romantic rushing to work to see if I had a new email from him.” This went on for weeks before they finally decided to meet in person. After an amazing marathon date in Brooklyn they were certain their connection was the real thing.

Commercial Break
After hearing Brittany talk about how much she loved the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and always wanted to visit Montauk, NY where a huge bulk of the film took place, RJ planned a trip for them to visit. They walked the beach, enjoyed the sites and dined out on the town. On their last night there, Brittany was deeply engrossed in the television—the Scandal finale was on!—and RJ tried to lure her outside for one last surprise. It took awhile, but eventually Brittany obliged him. “He finally got me to come outside and there were index cards posted on the wall that read ‘will you marry me,’” Brittany recalls. “On our first date (the one that I was an hour and half late to) he was at the bar doing schoolwork while he waited for me. When I finally arrived he wrote questions on the cards like ‘are you always this late?’ and ‘how did you get lost 10 minutes from your apartment?’ I thought it was a cute way to tie in the first time we met with his proposal.” Agreed! See their romantic “I dos” and share their love.

Photos: The Amber Studio

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