Bride: Chareta Beckwith, 31, Stay at Home Mom

Groom: Wade Smith, 31, NFL player

Vow Renewal: 7/7/13

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Wedding Location: The Four Seasons Las Colinas, Dallas, TX

Wedding Style: A Modern Day Fairytale

Someone For Me
Chareta met Wade during the summer before their senior year at The University of Memphis. They were both student athletes who lived in the same business building at the time, but they’d never met before. She played basketball, and of course, Wade played for the football team. Chareta was taking out the trash one day when Wade spotted her from his apartment window. He immediately asked his roommate if he knew her and it just so happened that he did.

Chareta was known around campus for her home-cooked meals. A few days later she just happened to stop by Wade and his roommate’s place to take orders and Wade got his chance to say hello. She was chatting with his roommate when Wade walked in and they began to flirt a bit. “I told him I needed help in a business class, and asked if he could help me study,” she tells us. “I met up with him one afternoon to ‘study’ and we talked about everything but the books.” It was that day that Wade asked Chareta on a date for the very first time. “I had just gotten out of a relationship and asked God to send someone for me, who would love me for me,” she shares. “I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast!” A few incredible dates later, Wade asked Chareta to be his girlfriend.

With This Ring
Chareta and Wade had been an item for almost a year when he was drafted to the Miami Dolphins. She’d always told him that her parents were old school and would want her suitor to get their permission before he proposed. It was around this time that he drove all the way from Memphis to Alabama just to ask for their blessing because he had big plans in store for the love of his life.

When Wade returned he told her to pack a bag and whisked her off to Dallas to meet his family. When they arrived, he took her to Six Flags Amusement Park where they spent the day riding the rides and sharing loads of laughs. Afterward, he took Chareta to a special place—the water fountains in downtown Dallas where his father used to take him as a child. He wanted to share a new memory there with her.

As they walked up to the fountain, Chareta was distracted when she turned around to see Wade on bended knee. They were married in a small ceremony 10 years ago, and this summer, to celebrate their milestone anniversary, Wade threw his wife, and the mother of his children, a fairytale wedding she won’t soon forget. Share their love!

Photos: Perez Photography