Bride: Kimberley M. Wright, 31, Image Consultant and Make Up Artist

Groom: Brian K. Freeman Jr., 31, Entrepreneur and Photographer

Married On: June 29, 2013

Wedding Location: Fort Washington, Maryland

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

Funny Meeting You Here
Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? Kim did when she kept bumping into Brian, a quiet stranger that she’d first encountered the day he and a few friends walked into the boutique where she worked. Although his friends had a lot to say that day, Brian never said a word. A month later, she was walking out of work when she saw him driving by. He smiled and waved, but again, said nothing to her. Another month went by and Kim was out with friends when she spotted Brian again. This time they exchanged casual pleasantries, but still nothing more. Later that year while Kim was at a business lunch discussing the idea of starting a new venture, she looked over and guess who she saw sitting there? Brian, of course! This time they finally shared an in depth conversation, and it was nice, but they never exchanged information. Curious about the cutie she kept bumping into everywhere she went, Kim hoped that their paths would one day cross again. Her wish was granted.

A month later, Kim was running late to an orientation for her new job. Afraid to make a scene when she arrived, she rushed inside and quickly sat down in the last open chair left. “I put my purse under the table on top of my notebook, adjusted my suit jacket and turned to my left only to be looking directly at Brian!” Kim exclaims. This time, they knew they had to see where this could go. Training was a month long, and during that time, Kim and Brian really got to know one another better. They were smitten from the start and each day they talked for hours after work.

During their last week of training, Kim and Brian went downtown to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to take a romantic stroll. They walked for hours. “We had such intense conversations that we lost track of time,” Kim recalls. “The final stop for the night was the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. As we approached the steps, I began to tell Brian about all of the movies that showed scenes of the memorial and I noticed that he was no longer beside me. I continued to talk and the next thing I knew, he had come from behind me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.” Aww!

All Eyes On Me
In order for Brian to surprise Kim with the proposal he had in mind, he needed a little help from her father. One day, Kim’s dad called and told her it was very important that she make it to church on time on a particular Sunday because he had a special surprise for her mother. Kim was excited and intrigued. It was Mother’s Day so she thought Brian would be out of town visiting his family too. That morning, she called him and he told her that he was already on his way to see his mom.

Kim arrived at church with her parents and her sister and they took their seats. After the morning announcements, the senior pastor spoke about a young man who was new to the area and had something he wanted to share with the entire congregation. That’s when Kim looked across the room and saw Brian walking to the stage. “I gasped and hit my sister!” says Kim. “The pastor asked me to stand and come on stage. Brian grabbed my hand and it was shaking. He dropped down on one knee, pulled out the case and opened it. I said yes with tears in my eyes and together we walked off stage!” See their romantic and elegant wedding style and share their love!

Photos: a little bit of whimsy photography