Bride: Amber Michelle Davis, 29, Program Coordinator

Groom: Paul Anthony Prince Jr., 35, Compliance Officer

Wedding Date: July 20, 2012

Wedding Location: The Club, Birmingham, Alabama

Wedding Style: A Modern DIY Affair

Festival Of Love
In 2009, both Paul and Amber were attendees at the ESSENCE Festival. It was the first time in years that he’d gone to the festival while single and she was in town to celebrate her family reunion. After a day of partying and fun, Amber and Paul wound up at the same party at Harrah’s Casino. He caught a glimpse of her on the dance floor and was instantly mesmerized. Paul made his way over, said hello, and asked for her phone number. She gave it to him even though it was so dark inside the party that when she left she couldn’t remember what he looked like or having heard his name. He sent her a text message that very same night. “We both went to a party to enjoy ourselves, and somehow in the midst of thousands of people, we found each other,” says Amber. “We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Love Conquers All
Just a month later, both Amber and Paul lost their fathers. With each other’s support they remained strong, even though they lived 800 miles apart. “I always dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming,” says Amber. “Who knew I would actually fall in love with a ‘Prince?’ It’s his last name, and I’m a self-proclaimed princess.” She’s right, it was a match made in heaven and their chemistry endured.

Happy Endings
Amber is a huge Disney fan. Three years into their relationship, she convinced Paul to take her to Disney World. “I always wanted a proposal just like Joan from Girlfriends,” she admits. On a romantic night at the theme park, the happy couple found the perfect spot to watch the fireworks show. Sadly, it started to rain, so they had to leave early. On the way to the car, Amber twisted her ankle. Back at the condo, she was feeling sorry for herself and in a lot of pain. As Amber iced her ankle and moped around the house, Paul snuck out to his car to retrieve her ring. (He’d planned to give it to her during the fireworks show.) He tried to convince Amber to come into the living room when he returned, but she refused. Determined to change the mood, Paul picked her up and carried her there. That’s when he propped her up against the wall and got down on one knee to propose. Stunned and frozen with joy and excitement, Amber sat down on his bended knee and stared at her gorgeous engagement ring. Finally, she pulled herself together and happily accepted his proposal. Their wedding was a wondrous day that they will never forget. Take a look at their modern “I dos,” and share their love!

Photos: Handy Photo Media

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