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Bridal Bliss: Like a Fairytale

Amber received a little help finding love from her “fairy godmother," who also happens to be Drew’s aunt. She recommended the two get to know each other, and when they did, they really hit it off. Their glamorous Chicago wedding was to die for. See photos now!

Bride: Amber Evette Flournoy, 30, Public Affairs Advisor

Groom: Alandress Drew Gardner III, 31, Public Affairs Advisor

Married On: September 15, 2012

Wedding Location: River East Art Center, Chicago

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Like a Fairytale
Believe it or not, soul mates Drew and Amber would never have gotten together without a little help from her fairy godmother – literally. Drew’s Aunt Barb was also Amber’s godmother. When they were both in grad school, Barb saw the potential and became determined to set the stage for an eventual love connection. After listening to Barb spend many Thanksgivings and Christmases telling him about “this wonderful young lady” he had so much in common with and who came from a great family, Drew finally got Amber’s contact information from his cousin and sent her a message on Facebook asking if he could give her a call.

Instant Connection
Amber and Drew clicked right away over the phone and soon began talking every Sunday evening from May to July 2009 when Drew sent her a message on Facebook saying, “I’d like nothing more than to meet you in person.” This led to a masterfully planned first date in Chicago with eight sweet components, including front row tickets to see Cirque de Solei at Navy Pier, a visit to the Skydeck atop the Willis Tower, chocolate malts at popular eatery Ghirardelli and sushi. Amber was blown away. Their long distance love story began that night.

Ask With Class
Two years later, when Drew began planning a proposal for Amber, he knew he wanted it to be even more intricate than their magical first date. He planed the perfect day. It began with a surprise picnic at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. After they wandered around together taking in the sites, Drew had Amber right where he wanted her; an area called the Circle Garden. It was there that Drew got down on one knee and asked Amber to spend the rest of his days with him. With tears of joy running down her face, she happily accepted. Little did she know, their special day had only just begun. Next up, they arrived at their suite at the Waldorf Astoria in downtown Chicago to find it decorated and filled with both their families waiting to help them celebrate their big news. Next up, they sat down at a corner table at the top of the 96-story John Hancock Building. Amber was overwhelmed by Drew’s heartfelt romantic gestures and they were both truly sitting on top of the world. They ended the perfect night with two tickets to see Sade and John Legend live in concert. Their fall wedding was one to be remembered. Share their love!

Photos: Brian Carey of Fig Weddings