Bridal Bliss: Celeb Chef Huda And Lamar’s Dream Destination Wedding Came True In Barbados
Andrew Browne Photography

As the saying goes, “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” That proved to be true for star chef, Cutthroat Kitchen champion and Just Savor founder Chef Huda, and her beau, IT exec and former winery owner Lamar. They first met in 2010, introduced briefly by a friend who thought they could be of help to one another in business.

“She thought that we needed to meet because Huda was an amazing chef and I owned a winery at the time and she thought that we could collaborate and would be the perfect pairing,” Lamar tells ESSENCE. But things stalled. Better yet, they never got started.

“We exchanged business cards and never followed up with each other,” he adds.

But because Huda and Lamar were in fact meant to be, two years later, life would bring them together again.

“In 2012, we both were at the same party in Arlington, Va., and when I saw her I walked over and said ‘Hey, I know you,’ and she of course responded with ‘No, you don’t,'” he recalls. “I reminded her in detail of how we met two years earlier and my recollection must have impressed her because we hung out the rest of that night and we’ve been inseparable ever since.” 

The love of the two would culminate in a proposal at the gorgeous Hillwood Estate in D.C. (and museum and garden) and finally, a wedding in Barbados on Nov. 20, 2021. Getting to that point would not be easy, as the couple had to reschedule their big day three times, drawing out their plans for two years due to not just COVID, but also personal family hurdles. Nevertheless, when their wedding weekend finally took place, it was an unforgettable one. It involved a private island tour, catamaran cruise, visiting Rihanna’s childhood home and more. But nothing beat their dreamy nuptials at The Crane resort, with four amazing chefs preparing Barbadian fare (including one of our favorites, Javon Cummins), a violinist and cello player at the ceremony, and the most beautiful moment of all, Huda and Lamar coming together to cement their love for life.

“To see loved ones and close friends in Barbados helping us celebrate our love is a moment I will never forget,” Huda says.

Take a look at a few shots from their special day, along with more details about the planning process and their one-of-a-kind love story.


Venue: The Crane Resort Barbados

Groom’s Tuxedo: Miguel Wilson Collection 

Bride’s Dress: Randy Fenoli, Kleinfeld Bridal 

Wedding Event Coordinator: April Rock of The Crane Resort

Decor: Petals Paradise Inc. by Robert Carter

Bride’s Hairstylist: Janelle Griffith of Renaissance Beauty Barbados

Bride’s Makeup: Alicia Griffith of Radiance By Alicia

Wedding Cake: Chef Javon Cummins of Aromatics Barbados

DJ Services: Roger Williams of Gerald Sounds

Videographer: Damion Hallet of Cielo International

Photographer: Andrew Browne Photography

Live Stream: Shane Holton

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Barbados’ Top Chefs Culinary Wedding Experience: 

Chef Damian Leach

Chef Trevon Stoute

Chef Creig Greenidge

Chef Javon Cummins

Minister: Rev. Anderson Kellman 


Omar Haynes – Steel Pan Player

Angel Stringz – Violinist and Cello

Surprise virtual performance by Doug E. Fresh