Bride: Candace Wynette Gregory, 28, Attorney

Groom: Michael Christopher Mayberry, 28, Education Consultant

Married On: February 25, 2012

Wedding Location: Jackson, Mississippi

Wedding Style: Vintage Chic

Love Of My Life
Candace and Michael first met in the 10th grade. He walked right up to her in the hallway and asked for her phone number. She refused, and a few days later they wound up face-to-face once again during choir practice. This time, things clicked. They quickly became lifelong friends, supporting each other through thick and thin. Candace moved to Atlanta for college, and Michael made a point of calling to check in on her regularly. Whenever she came home to visit, they sat for hours just talking in her mom’s driveway. Their friendship was truly perfect, but they couldn’t deny that they shared a one of a kind chemistry. Unable to resist any longer, the inseparable pair decided to give in and give their romance a try. It was the right call. “Our friendship never wavered,” says Candace. “That was so important to us.”

A Taste of New Orleans
Anxious to see one another again, long distance lovers Candace and Mike made plans to meet in New Orleans one weekend. Her flight was delayed, but Michael pulled out all the stops to be sure his ladylove made it to NOLA in time. The next day they went to the French Quarter for beignets and a riverboat cruise. On the way there, Michael nervously dedicated a song to Candace, while he continued to check his watch. They made it onto the boat just in time, and enjoyed a romantic seaside dinner and live music. When the bandleader asked for a volunteer to help out on stage, Michael made his move. “When he got to the mic, he introduced me to the crowd and began telling them all about how I first rejected him in high school,” says Candace. “I was so embarrassed. I was covering my face when I saw him get down on one knee. I don’t even know that I heard what he said to me, but I saw him reach for my hand. He grabbed me, and I said yes.”

A little over a year later, they were married in an intimate ceremony in Mississippi. Share their love!

Photos: Erik Umphrey Photography