Bride: Holly Rae-Ann Jenkins, 28, Scheduler to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II

Groom: Ryan C. Long, 28, Internal Auditor for Kansas City Power and Light

Married On: Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wedding Location: Longview Mansion, Lee’s Summit, MO

Wedding Style: Classic Estate Wedding

My Prayers Have Been Answered
Tired of the same old dating scene, Holly said her prayers one night and graciously asked God to send her a very special blessing: She prayed that the next man she dated would be her future husband, and guess what? God was listening.

One day, back in 2010, a woman from her church told Holly that she wanted her to meet her nephew Ryan – a nice guy who also happened to be a very eligible bachelor. Initially, Holly felt he might be a bit of player, so she declined the introduction and did a little research on his background.

Holly’s best friend, who went to college with Ryan, told her to stay away and insisted that he had a reputation as a ladies’ man. Normally, this would have been all she needed to hear, but something told Holly to give Ryan one chance. “We had an awesome conversation that lasted for hours,” she tells us. They agreed to go on a first date, and despite a few awkward moments throughout, they ended the night wanting more time together.

Destination Bliss
Ryan and Holly were on vacation in the Dominican Republic having a blast. On their last day in Punta Cana, Ryan planned an unforgettable day of romance for them to enjoy. It began with a couple’s massage, followed by some relaxing down time on the beach. When it was time to get ready for dinner, Ryan surprised Holly with a new dress and the heels she’d been eyeing for months. (Um, keeper alert!) At the restaurant, Ryan arranged for a private, candlelit dining experience for two in a cabana overlooking the beach. Their anniversary was close by, so Holly assumed that’s why her beau was going the extra mile to make her smile.

Ryan excused himself toward the end of dinner, and when he returned, he had a cameraman in tow. “I felt like I was on an episode of Cheaters,” Holly recalls. He dropped down on bended knee and asked Holly to spend the rest of her life with him. “I literally shouted ‘yes’ and ‘thank you Jesus,’” she recalls. Ecstatic, Holly basked in the moment and complimented Ryan on her gorgeous ring and his breathtaking proposal. Almost a year later to the day, Ryan and Holly became husband and wife in a lavish estate ceremony. Share their love!

Photos: Freeland Photography