Bride: Adia Joelle Chapman, 31, Actress

Kelvin Larkin, 44, DJ

Married On:
May 11, 2012

Wedding Location:
Oak Park Community Center, Oak Park, CA

Wedding Style:
Outdoor Elegance

Love In the Neighborhood

Budding actress Adia first caught Kelvin’s eye when he spotted her working in the pizza parlor across from his West Hollywood apartment. “I was not into him at all, but he would try to get me to hang out with him,” she admits. Although Adia was determined to focus on her career, Kelvin refused to stop asking her out. The day her friend’s car almost got towed, Kelvin saved the day, and finally got her attention. She agreed to a first date, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A Very Special Birthday
Since Kelvin had lived in California for ten years and never visited San Francisco, Adia was determined to take him there for his birthday and show him an unforgettable time. She planned out an entire trip’s worth of activities and special surprises for him, all the while having not a clue that he had an even bigger surprise in store for her. On the morning of his birthday she treated him to a sexy serenade and breakfast in bed. Right before they ate, he told her he’d “like to do something else first.” Confused, Adia watched as he walked around the bed, got down on one knee and placed an engagement ring on her finger. She was so amazed, it took her almost five minutes to stop smiling and muster up a “yes!” The newly engaged couple couldn’t wait to phone their families and spread the news. Share their love!

Photos: Syds Designs Photography