Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: Twin Sisters Tie The Knot On The Same Day

Imagine sharing a bond with your sibling that’s so deep that the two of you decide to get married on the same day? Well, these sisters did!

Spotted on Instagram, the two brides — who are actually twin sister — shared jumping the broom duties with one another and married the loves of their lives. 

The ladies looked absolutely beautiful in their lace embroidered wedding gowns and crowned veils to match. 

With their father walking them down the aisle to marry the men of their dreams, the sisters were beaming with pride as they took the ultimate step side-by-side. 

No celebration would be complete wihtout an amazing reception which included each of the brides enjoying their own beautiful wedding cakes. 

And the best part? These two sisters will never forget the others wedding anniversary–Congrats!


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