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Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: When The Ring Bearer Steals A Hug From the Flower Girl and the Spotlight

The ring bearer and flower girl definitely win the award for cutest couple during this wedding photo shoot.  

Weddings always bring people together — young and old, big and small — to witness and share in a bride and groom’s love. 

At this one particular wedding, while the group posed for photos, two members of the bridal party really felt inspired to share the love.

Two of the tiniest members of this couple’s wedding party shared the most adorable moment of affection, and our hearts just won’t stop melting. 

While posing for a photo, the ring bearer, dressed in his teeny tiny tux, turned to the flower girl, who donned a frilly white dress (with the socks to match) and a flower crown, and give her a big sweet hug.

Seriously, aww! We can’t take it. It’s just too cute.

Everyone else in the photo, including the bride and groom, look like perfection too, but it’s safe to say that in this particular moment, the little ones stole the show.