Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: We Can’t Get Enough Of This Groom Happy Crying At The Altar
Raise you hand if you love a good groom cry. If our man doesn’t shed tears like this when we come down the aisle, we may want to give those rings back. Just kidding. But we do have a new groom crush of the week. Weddings are always an emotional affair, but for one groom, the sight of his bride coming down the aisle filled him with so much joy, he happy cried big time. In a series of Instagram photos captured by photographer Chip Dizard during a September wedding in Virginia, proud groom TJ goes from calm and dapper to completely being overcome by emotion as he watched his stunning bride Mia approach him at the altar. The emotion-filled post was simply captioned, “When you absolutely know that she is the best part,” And, what better words could describe this beautiful moment? The groom wasn’t the only one filled with emotion that day. Mia became so nervous when she started to read her vows, that TJ had to take her hands to steady her.  For the bride, that moment became symbolic of the love that brought them to their special day. TJ and Mia, here’s to a lifetime of holding each other down. Congrats!


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