This Bride And Groom Loved ‘Black Panther’ So Much It Inspired Their Epic Wedding Poster

We loved and lived for Black Panther but one couple might have us beat with their appreciation for the blockbuster record-breaking film

Spotted on Instagram, one bride and groom, Natalie and Michael Adeleye, loved the Ryan Coogler-directed movie so much they had their wedding photos recreated to mimic the Black Panther poster.

Shared by their wedding photographer, Suzanne Delwar, the Adeleyes showcased their adoration for not only T’Challa and Nakia but the entire cast by incorporating their entire family into the poster. 

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Black Panther. Wedding Edition. When our bride & groom told us how much they loved Black Panther we knew we had to do something EPIC. So, what better way than to recreate the poster of the record-breaking film!” Delwar shared. 

All we can say is, “Wakanda forever!”