Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: This Groom’s Heartfelt Vows Have Us Shedding Real Tears

For some people, weddings have us shedding tears no matter what the circumstances (looking at myself…I’m definitely a crier.)  But when the vows between the bride and groom come straight from the soul…it’s enough to make even the toughest cookies crumble.

That’s exactly what happened when Houston couple Anthony and Tolu met at the altar. Captured by videographer Henry Adewale Films, Anthony had the entire room sobbing as he vows to God to protect and love his wife. “I love you so much. I vow with my heart, so help me God,  that I will never disappoint you, I will never let you down, I will never do anything to harm you. I ask you God in this moment to help me be the man that you want me to be for Tolu.”

The groom gets down on one knee as he recites his solemn vow, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. By the way, how cute is the bridal party?

Congrats Anthony and Tolu! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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