Bride: Ayanna Glaze Groom: Curtis Coats Occupations: Curtis — Principal owner of global digital communications consulting firm CA & Associates, LLC and signed speaker with Single Source Speakers; Ayanna — Former corporate queen, current domestic goddess  Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Location: The Mansion at Peachtree, Buckhead, Georgia Wedding Date: June 20, 2010 Virtual Reality “How we met is more of a modern day love story,” Curtis Coats says of how he and his wife Ayanna came to be together. Both Curtis and Ayanna had to be persuaded by friends to join an online dating site. Curtis even went so far as to announce that he would only commit to a three-day trial. Before his deadline was up, he stumbled on Ayanna’s profile.     “I saw a picture of her sitting at a table and I said to my friend, ‘I’m telling you, this woman is my wife.'” He’s ‘The One’ Once they made contact, Ayanna and Curtis spoke on the phone every day learning all about their similarities. They both grew up in California with parents that exemplified long-lasting Black love, and had gone to school with the same people at different times. After a month and a half, Ayanna boarded a plane from Atlanta, where she lived, to spend a weekend with Curtis in Dallas. By the time she headed back home, she called her father to say, “I just met my husband.” Love Waits for No One When the time came for him to propose, Curtis flew to Atlanta to ask Ayanna’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. With Ayanna’s parents’ blessings, Curtis took his bride-to-be to a winery outside of Atlanta. After dinner, the two headed back to their suite to find rose petals scattered throughout the room and on the balcony, where a bottle of champagne also sat. The only thing left for Curtis to do was to pop the question.   “I just thought I’d have something buried in my dessert,” Ayanna jokes about what she expected Curtis’ proposal to be like. “It was a fairytale. The maids came down and lit candles and took pictures of us and one of them actually said, ‘If you don’t marry him, I will.'” She Said: “My father is perfect and Curtis is my father,” Ayanna says of her new husband. “He gives himself like my father does. He makes me feel safe, he always puts me first and he loves me unconditionally even with my ‘temper tantrums.’ I got it all in one package.”  He Said: “She has an incredible soul and an enormous capacity to love and to care,” Curtis gushes about Ayanna. “She is without equal. She is the love of my life.” On June 5, 2010 Ayanna Glaze and Curtis Coats sealed their love with a sophisticated soiree at the Mansion on Peachtree in Buckhead, Georgia. Share their love.