8 Stories We Love From That #WeMetOnTwitter Party Last Night
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In the good old days, relationships blossomed when couples met in the aisles of grocery stores, on subway platforms or through other face-to-face interactions that often spawned phenomenal love stories.

Modern day matchmaking can still happen this way, but so often it occurs from a swipe right on a dating site or a simple scroll up and down a Twitter feed.

When #WeMetOnTwitter emerged as a trending topic on Valentine’s Day, it caufght a lot eyes and recieved a lot of action. Many couples shared how their very own love stories began because someone was brave enough to slide through their DMs.

Couples shared stories of how they noticed each other’s tweets and took the first step toward making a love connection. Because Twitter can in fact lead to real love, on Valentine’s Day night our timelines were flooded with photos from happily ever moments brought to you by Twitter. Here are some of our favorites.

Moral of the story? Never be afraid to shoot your shot.