During sex your senses are all heightened, culminating in the ultimate pleasure, but can knowing how to enhance these sensations lead to instantly better lovemaking?

According to Loveologist, founder of Good Clean Love and author of Sex That Works, Wendy Strgar, the answer is yes and achieving the culmination of all five sensory abilities can make your intimate time between the sheets even more mind-blowing.

“I always teach that scent and touch are the two pillars of our sexual awakening,” Strgar says. “Scent is perceived in the same place in the limbic brain which processes memory emotion and sexuality. So accessing our arousal mechanism in the brain is as simple as paying attention to scent. Likewise touch, is an often ignored sensation but has so much to offer when it comes to waking up to what it feels like to live in the body and make love.”

So, now what? Strgar’s tips will help you get there. Take notes!


“Use some aphrodisiac scented love oils–any body part slippery is way sexier than that same body part dry.”

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“Adding sexy turn on scents as you make love pulls back the curtain on our sexiest fantasy thoughts as our arousal mechanism turns on.”


“Use your voice to allow the sounds that come from your arousal out. Don’t be afraid to attach words to your desire. Talking sexy to someone is an incredible turn on and also ensures that you might well get exactly the kind of touch and play that you want.”


“Although it is unbelievably powerful to gaze into someones eyes when they are inside of you—sometimes our focus on looking can pull us out of our internal experience. Visually, the most powerful trick I know is to actually open your eyes during intercourse and gaze at your partners face. It is a daring act of full vulnerability but one that is powerfully bonding.”

Put these sensory tips to the test and enjoy!