Toya Wright Has A Word For Online Trolls Poking Fun At Her Infant Daughter
Prince Williams/WireImage
Just when you start to believe the viciousness of online bullying on the web couldn’t get worse, we are introduced to a new low. Reality star and author Toya Wright has generously shared photos and videos of her one-year-old daughter Reign Rushing, however, she recently had to put haters on blast who have made negative comments about the baby’s appearance (we’re not sure why by the way, because she’s gorgeous!)
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She shared a photo of baby Reign with a message shaming those who have been coming for her child. “How can you talk about an innocent baby?” she questions. “Who the f–k raised y’all stupid asses? I said I was not going to entertain the negativity but I’m sick of it. Social media goes too far.” She continues, “My kids always have and always will come before any of this sh-t and I will not tolerate any disrespect when it comes to them. Bet the land on that! With that being said….F–k ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters.” This isn’t the first time someone in Toya’s household has snapped on Instagram bullies for speaking ill of baby Reign. Her eldest daughter Reginae Carter passionately spoke out in defense of her baby sister via Instagram. “[You’ve all called me] spoiled, a brat, you can call me anything. But Reign, that is a baby. She can’t even say, ‘shut up.’”  That’s what she needs to tell y’all but she can’t. So therefore, don’t speak about her.”
Just one week ago, Wright threw her precious baby girl a party in celebration of her first birthday. Baby girl looked super cute decked out in a full colorful skirt and sparkly combat boots. The party, fittingly, boasted a “Reign Beaux” theme complete with a bouncy house, colorful decor, and even a mini-red carpet. Mom also had a sweet birthday message about her bundle of joy, “One year ago this sweet little princess came into our [lives] and brought so much joy and colors! We love you so much and we wish you the sweetest 1st birthday ever!”  


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