Why Tiny Harris Approves Of Daughter Zonnique’s NFL Player Boyfriend, Damian Swann
Paras Griffin
Subscribe now to “Yes. Girl!” on iTunesGoogle Play or Spotify. Singer and reality star Tiny Harris and her daughter Zonnique are very close. While speaking openly and honestly about their mother-daughter bond on the ESSENCE ‘Yes, Girl’ Podcast, they were candid about another relationship too — the one between Zonique and her boyfriend. Zonnique is dating NFL player Damian Swann, who she has known since high school. But don’t call them high school sweethearts, because according to Zonique, things between them never became romantic then. After years of them being “just friends’, Zonnique admits that the love blossomed between them and her mom is a big fan. Tiny admited that it’s true, she does have a soft spot for Damian. “I really like her boyfriend, so I be trying to give him a chance,” the singer said of 24-year-old Swann before adding a little background on Zonnique and the New Orleans Saints’ history, and explainging that her daughter was focused on different things back then. “You dated him in the beginning and then she was a little young and he liked you!,” she revealed, while Zonnique showed signs of embarrassment. “You was in the 9th grade. but he was like the big football star in the school. You know he’s got all these girls trying to throw it at him and she wasn’t on that. She wasn’t doing that. So she was just a little too slow for his speed so she had to let him…I’m sorry. But she had to let him go because you weren’t moving that fast.” Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Zonnique quickly added that there was a reason she wasn’t checking for him at the time but since they’ve been dating, whenever she needs advice, her mom is definitely the one she runs to for help. “I didn’t like dark skinned boys at the time remember? You know when you’re young you like light skinned boys?!,” the 21-year-old said before adding, “I would say when it comes to anything, definitely love, I feel like I call my mom first when it comes to anything I’m going through because she’s just so easy to talk to and she always gives me good advice.” The Love Jones hasn’t been shy about her affection for her boo and often posts pictures of she and her beau on Instagram.           There is nothing like having your mom approve of your love from the start – Zonnique is one lucky girl!