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Forever Fine: 21 Photos Proving Larenz Tate Hasn't Aged A Day

From "Menace II Society" to "Power," we've never stopped stanning Larenz Tate!

Chicago born actor Larenz Tate has been a staple in Black TV and cinema since securing his role at O-Dog in the film Menace II Society. We got to see him flex his skill by transitioning into the heartthrob role in films like Love Jones and into more action-packed dramas like the Dead Presidents and the hit Starz series Power.

What’s remained consistent is not only Tate’s passion for his craft, but that his famous good looks seem to be frozen in time. Tate recently celebrated his 45th birthday looking just as great as he did in his very first role. In a video shared on his Instagram, the birthday boy thanked his fans for the birthday wishes and their continued support. “It truly means a lot to me from the bottom of my heart,” Tate says. “I appreciate it whether it was a voicemail, text, an email or comments on my page celebrating life. It means more than words can express.”

Not only do we appreciate this Virgo brother for all of the classics he’s delivered to our screens, but also for proving the age-old theory that “Black don’t crack.”

Scroll through this timeline of Larenz Tate looking fine throughout the years.