T.I. and Tiny: Is It Worse When He Cheats With Someone You Know?

Fans already knew that T.I. and Tiny Harris’ marriage is officially over, but seeing their emotional separation unfold on the finale of their reality show, The Family Hustle was still tough to watch.

Since the news first broke in December 2016 that Tiny had filed for divorce, calling for an end to their seven-year marriage, the couple’s troubled union has become a steady headline, with subtle shots fired from both sides.

Now we know why they couldn’t make it work, and viewers watched along as T.I. and Tiny blame each other for the final straw. Tiny accused T.I.  of cheating on her with a woman she introduced him to, while he said he couldn’t get passed the idea of her posing for a photograph with a man he’s “at odds with” (Floyd Mayweather).


The Internet was of course divided on which wrong was greater and who’s truly responsible for the end.  





A quick perusal of one’s feed shows that Tiny’s fans finding out that T.I.’s mistress was allegedly a woman she introduced him to truly added insult to injury.




When adultery is the matter at hand, does the “who” matter more than the “what”? Or is it jus the icing on your divorce party cake?

You tell us.

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