What’s that? Put a grapefruit on his penis, you say?

In new movie Girls Trip, filter-free character Dina, played by hilarious comedienne Tiffany Haddish, blows her girlfriend Lisa’s (Jada Pinkett-Smith) mind (no pun intended) when she teaches her how to do a well-known fellatio technique called the Grapefruit Method over breakfast.

The technique isn’t new, it was originated by a popular sexpert on the Internet in 2014, but the hit film is giving the buzzy trick the spotlight all over again. If the blow job concept is unfamiliar to you, we’re catching you up. Here are four things to know about the Grapefruit Method.

It was created by Auntie Angel
Popular fellatio expert Auntie Angel, AKA Denise Walker, of Angel’s Erotic Solutions, garnered viral Internet fame in 2014 when her “Grapefruit Method” tutorial videos hit the web. Walker, who has been featured in ESSENCE, Cosmopolitan, and Ebony magazines, sells her lessons online and has thousands of devoted followers and fans who swear by them – even famous ones, she once told our staff during an office visit in 2014. But, don’t ask her to reveal any names, because she’s keeping her client list to herself. Sorry!

There are a few extra steps you didn’t see in the film
Just as Dina’s character describes in the film, to try this trick, you’ll need a ruby red grapefruit (or large navel orange if you’re allergic) and a knife. But what she didn’t mention is that you will also need warm water and a blindfold. Walker instructs her viewers to blindfold their lover first, so he won’t see what they’re up to. Now that he’s not watching, she says you’ll need to make sure the grapefruit is at room temperature – which is where the bowl of warm water comes in. Next, cut a grapefruit in half and cut a hole in the middle of one of the halves to match the width of his penis. Walker recommends you start with traditional fellatio to ensure your man is, err, standing to attention, and then slide the grapefruit on and continue by using a twisting method with your mouth and hands.

It’s supposed to give him double the pleasure
In her wildly popular tutorial video, Walker says that she shared the “bonus technique” with the world because every man should “get grapefruited” (yes, it’s a verb!), and if done correctly, it will feel like he’s receiving oral sex and having sex at the same time.

You should proceed with caution
Walker dubbed this method the “death technique” because she has always claimed that some of her clients’ guys died from heart attacks after or during this experience. While there is no official public evidence to date that this is true, you have to admit, it’s certainly a brilliant marketing plan.

And, there you have it, folks.

Want more hilarious stories from Tiffany Haddish? Listen to her tell-all interview about the making of the film on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast below:


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