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A Little Too Real? Mom Puts Son On Blast For Once Calling His Wife An Ugly Duckling

Can we draw the line at spilling family tea on national television?

Sometimes, spilling the family tea is just a little too real…especially when it’s on national TV.

Recently one mom, who probably had very good intentions, shared some family details that was undoubtedly awkward to share. 

While visiting The Real, the mom grabbed the microphone to tell the hosts, the studio audience and the viewers nationwide about an anecdote from her son regarding his now wife. 

“Can I be real?,” she turns to her son and daughter-in-law to ask as she begins her story telling. “They went to church together. I liked her in church because I was her Sunday School teacher and he was like nah, ‘mom he’s ugly.’ She got older and started filling out, and he says ‘mom, I want to marry Jasmine’ and I said ‘Jasmine? The one you called ugly.’ And he said, ‘she’s not ugly duckling no more.’ But I’m happy because she is the best thing that ever happened to by son. I love her.”

Dang mama!

While both members of the audience and hosts Tamera and Loni Love looked mortified, no one looked more physically bothered and uncomfortable by the story than Jasmine. 

We can’t believe that Ms. Stephanie had the audacity to put all their business out like this! Ladies, what would you do?