The Best Romantic Date Night At Home Ideas For Quarantined Couples

“Want to learn how to play spades?”

My eyes lit up as I heard a fresh idea come from my boyfriend’s lips that might offer some fast relief from the monotony of being quarantined for weeks. We both laughed about hiding the fact that we couldn’t play the card game from our peers—the accusatory ‘You don’t know how to play spades?’  reaction is way too triggering for us at this point in adulthood.

Motivated by our own boredom and embarrassment, we pulled out a deck of cards and found a great instructional video on YouTube to help us get through this necessary Black rite of passage.

“We are going to be pros by the time this is over,” he said, as we daydreamed about summer night house parties and a chance to show off our newly acquired skills as a couple.

While there is definitely privilege in being quarantined with someone you love, that constant closeness comes with its own challenges, as many couples must learn to navigate what life is like when you’re truly around each other 24/7. Separation often inspires intimacy, and since there is no physical escape to work, the gym or to hangout with good friends, partners are figuring out how to keep that sense of novelty in their relationship without getting burned out.

We’ve done some of our own experimenting with new ideas, plus I reached out to some of our favorite Instagram couples to find out how they are maintaining date nights within the comforting confines of their living rooms.

Learn Something New Together

While spades isn’t the sexiest game couples could play, there is something special about tackling a new challenge with your significant other. You have the rare opportunity to observe one another in unfamiliar territory and that experience can ignite some new sparks between you two. Try to master one of those dance challenges online or check out a new Pinterest recipe, and let your boo sous-chef. 

Get Dressed Anyway

Sweat pants and leggings are wardrobe staples while at home, but being frumpy all the time when it’s not your usual vibe can drain your energy.  Make the effort to get dressed for yourself even if you don’t have anywhere to be. I came back to life last week when I threw on some makeup and a comfortable dress just to look a little special for a night in the living room. Changing your look can do wonders for your attitude (and your relationship).

At Home Work Outs Together

Get that adrenaline pumping with some sweaty workouts with your significant other at home. Exercise triggers feel good endorphins in the blood, which is the natural pick-me-up we all need during these trying times. Not only will it help you keep moving, but you can also can experiment with some fun partner exercises that help you bond while staying active. 

Those are my tips. Now get into these date night ideas from a few social media influencers who have managed to keep things spicy with their loved ones during quarantine.

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