The world may be going through some unfortunate things right now, but its a happy day in the Shumpert household!

Singer Teyana Taylor and NBA player/rapper Iman Shumpert are expecting their second child. The announcement was made in the music video for their new song together called “Wake Up Love” which will appear on Taylor’s new project THE ALBUM.

The dreamy visuals show the married couple lounging around in bed. They recite the lyrics while getting lost in each other’s eyes. In the beginning, Taylor’s baby bump is strategically hidden with the sheets from the bed. In another scene, she’s submerged fully in a foamy bubble bath. In the final scene, Taylor and Shumpert’s four-year-old daughter joins them to cuddle in bed. Taylor then lifts up her tank top to reveal her pregnant belly. It’s like they just knew we would need all this Black family love after such a tough week!

In a statement to People, the couple revealed they’re expecting another little girl. “We’re ready, and we’re very excited,” Taylor told the magazine. “Iman is super excited. Junie is ecstatic — I’m talking super ecstatic. Everybody is just excited. I can’t wait. I’ve got three more months left until we meet our little princess.”

Fans of Taylor have been suspecting for a couple of weeks now that she might be gearing up to announce the baby news. During an Instagram live session, little Junie innocently asked mom if she could “kiss the baby.”

Taylor and Shumpert welcomed their daughter Junie in 2015. The singer often tells the story of her giving birth in the bathroom of her home, with Shumpert assisting the delivery with the help of a 911 operator. The following year, the couple tied the knot in the same exact spot their daughter was born.

Congratulation to this beautiful family on the new addition.

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