Why Taye Diggs Is Choosing to Focus On Fatherhood Instead of Getting Remarried
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We all know that actor Taye Diggs makes a great “Best Man,” and for now, that seems to be the role he’ll be playing for a while. In an interview with Page Sixthe 47-year old actor explained why even though he split from ex-wife Idina Menzel in 2014, and stars as a married man on CW’s “All American,” he’s not too sure he’s ready to play the real life role of husband again any time soon. “I have moments of wanting to be married again even without the show. Just watching couples; I liked being coupled up. I want to be boo’d up at some point. I don’t know if it will happen.” Diggs’ main reason for hesitating on another walk down the aisle? His 9-year-old son Walker.  According to Diggs, his son his enjoying having his dad all to himself right now and isn’t too keen to give that up. “Walker told me he wants me to chill out for a minute. I am right out of a relationship. So when I got out of it, he said that this was good to have me back.” Looks like Taye Diggs and Walker are going to be getting in some much needed bonding time.  


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