Tamera Mowry-Housley Just Broke Down What Really Matters The Most When You’re Planning Your Wedding Day
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Tamera Mowry-Housely is all about helping couples find their own version of happily ever after and getting down down the aisle.

The actress has taken on a new role as of host of the Facebook docuseries Help Us Get Married, and she’s having so much fun helping the couples on the show plan their big days.

The show follows three couples as they plan to walk down the aisle, but there’s a catch—Facebook viewers vote to call the shots on every aspect of each couple’s big day from the venue and dress to the cake and flowers. 

Mowry-Housley dished on the best advice she received during her own wedding planning and the counsel she gives the couples along the way. We also chatted with one of the couples, Jasmine and Tilmon, about what it’s really like to hand over wedding planning duties to strangers and if they’d tie the knot like this all over again.

“Speaking from experience, when you get married you don’t realize that there are so many decisions you have to make. I think that adds a lot of stress and anxiety, says Mowry-Housely. “What’s so cool about this show, especially if you really don’t make decisions very well or you’re indecisive like I am or I can be, is that it just helps the process be a little easier. The Facebook community is basically helping these three couples decide on things like the cake, their dress or the tux. It’s really cool because at first, I was like, ‘Wow. These couples are really brave.’ Their entire wedding at the hands of the Facebook community. [But]you can see from an overall perspective that the wedding actually is coming together beautifully.”

Through the ups and downs that the wedding planning process brings, the 39-year-old always reminds the couples she’s tasked with helping that at the end of the day, this journey is really about a healthy start to a shared life with your best friend. 

“The one thing that I do pass on to the couples is: you can strive for a perfect wedding, but you’re never gonna get a perfect wedding because life isn’t perfect. Something is not gonna happen the way you want it to happen and you have to be able to look past that and realize that your marriage should be more important than the wedding because that’s ultimately why you are having the wedding. It’s to be married. So, don’t lose sight of that blessing. Don’t get so stuck in the little details that you’re missing the point and you’re not enjoying the process as it comes along. Look past the little details that may not work out and look at the whole picture. You are getting to marry the love of your life.”

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One of the couples, Jasmine and Tilmon, are receiving help in their wedding planning and it’s been an experience they wouldn’t change. 

“To begin with, Jasmine was completely against it. Probably not completely. It took some convincing when it came down to it. I thought the idea was fun. It was creative. It was different,” said the groom.

Once coming around to the concept, Jasmine said there was no looking back. In fact, if she had to do it all over again, she’d say yes in a heartbeat. 

“I don’t have any regrets. [We] did have to make some sacrifices [becuase] at first, I was like, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not going to let America plan my wedding. Are you kidding me? You are out of your mind, Tillman’, [but] if someone asks me would I do it again, I would definitely say yes.”

All in all, the pair say this experience has brought them even closer together and it’s preparing them for marriage in a that they know will only make them stronger. 

“It’s sort of a reminder and a lesson at the same — that we definitely have to continue to communicate and do everything possible to make sure that we stay on the same page, and carry that into marriage. It’s a partnership, regardless, whether it be wedding planning, or even into the marriage. Communication is going to be always the biggest thing. If you could figure out how to do that, you can accomplish anything together.”

Help Us Get Married is available to watch on Facebook with Tamera Mowry-Housley reveals the viewer voter results to the couples LIVE every Friday at 8 PM.