Dating as a parent can be hard. Finding a babysitter so you can go out, juggling mom and bae duties, and introducing your boo to your children can all be stressful enough without the extra added pressure to explain why “mommy’s special friend” is spending the night. But Tamar Braxton has it under control….we think. In a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Braxton and Kandi Burruss chopped it up about balancing motherhood and their careers, but soon the conversation turned to dating. Braxton, who’s been with her mysterious Nigerian boyfriend (she calls him T’Challa) for six months, let it slip that when he sleeps over, her five-year-old son, Logan, sometimes joins them in bed. “See Logan’s five. He be in the bed with me and T’Challa!” she said. After Burruss wondered if Braxton’s ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, agreed with that arrangement, the “Love and War” singer said it’s none of his business. “We not together! That’s not really his business,” Braxton said. “And if [Logan] did that with somebody that [Vince] looked like he was getting ready to get married to, why would I act a fool? I would want him to be close to her.” While some may find it odd that Braxton allows her child to sleep in the bed with her boyfriend, she explained that Logan is next to her, not her boo. “He’ll come in and scoot me over,” she said. “I don’t play that. I don’t mess around with my kids. We live in an apartment, it’s not like I’m in my house.” In spite of guidelines from the medical community that cautions parents against co-sleeping with infants, many parents choose to welcome their children into their bed, some for many years. But is it still okay to do so when you’re just dating? There’s no doubt Braxton will make the best decision for her son, but would you allow your child to crawl in bed with a partner? TOPICS: