Tamar Braxton seems to be in the happiest place of her life. The singer and host of VH1’s new reality series To Catch a Beautician is currently quarantined in Los Angeles with her son, Logan, and boyfriend, David Adefeso. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Braxon reveals that this much-needed family time is making her even more confident that her financial adviser bae is husband material.

“We’ve had a chance to talk about things that we wouldn’t normally have time to talk about, and see things that we wouldn’t normally see, because we haven’t spent this much time together,” said the Braxton Family Values star. “I have to say, he’s not just chocolate. He’s a great guy.”

Though she says a quarantine proposal “wouldn’t be ideal,” she’s hoping Adefeso pops the question soon. “[We] gotta give him a little nudge and help him out a little bit,” she said jokingly. “David’s been single for forever, he’s never been married, and so for him to find love, he’s pretty crawling, but he better hurry up!”

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Not only does Braxton have her sights set on walking down the aisle with Adefeso, but she’s also “crossing her fingers” and hoping that she’ll be able to give her 6-year-old some siblings in the near future. “I think after the whole divorce stuff, I just felt like I didn’t want Logan to be by himself,” she explained. “Like, we got together when we were young, me and my sisters, and talked about our parents behind their backs, and he needs somebody to do that with and bounce ideas off of.”

Speaking of her divorce, Braxton says she and ex-husband Vince Herbert have really hit their stride when it comes to co-parenting. “We realized it’s not about us,” she revealed. “It’s not about our feelings. It’s not about what happened. It’s about Logan, and it’s about us setting the best example for him and being there for him. So that’s the choice we made. You have to make that choice though.”

Braxton says she and Herbert also came to the mutual decision to put their son in therapy following their divorce. “The counselor was like, ‘You guys might want to get along for your kid,’ and then that is when we made the decision,” Braxton said. “It’s about him and not about us.”

We love to see our girl happy!


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