Serena Williams is still living the dream life. 

She’s climbing back to the top of her sport in the game of tennis as she prepares to return to Wimbledon, she’s married to the love of her life–Reddit co-founder and venture capitalist, Alexis Ohanian–and they are proud parents to an adorable baby girl, Alexis Olympia. 

In a new interview with InStyle, the 36-year-old opened up in about life as a wife and mother and the plans she and Ohanian have to expand their family. 

“If I weren’t working, I’d already be pregnant,” she said. “I hear everyone’s different, but I had a really easy pregnancy until the birth. Not even birth—after.”

After giving birth via a C-section in September, Williams fell short of breath and had a CT scan that revealed several blood clots in her lungs. As she began medicating with a heparin drip, a coughing spell from a previous pulmonary embolism caused her C-section stitching to pop open. She was forced into surgery to have a filter inserted into her veins to prevent blood clots from dislodging and traveling into her lungs. 

Despite the scary postpartum experience, the 23-time Grand Slam winner can’t wait to have more children. 

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“We’ve got to have more,” she told the magazine with a laugh. “I don’t know if I want to play if I have another baby, but you’re right. I need to talk to Alexis. We need a plan.”

As for a plan, falling for Ohanian wasn’t what Williams imagined when the two met in May 2015 sitting poolside at a Rome hotel. But as they say, true love always arrives when you least expect it. 

“I had this sense, like, ‘I’m going to marry this guy, but I’m not ready yet, but I know I’m going to marry this guy.’ I didn’t know his world at all, but I’ve always been tech-savvy,” she revealed. “I had a few investments before I met him, and I wanted to know more. So we started talking, just as friends. Just casually chatting. I was getting hot when he was talking about it all [laughs]. So after that, we just continued talking, and then, I don’t know—I love his world.”

The two tied the knot in New Orleans in a fairytale themed wedding last November and ever since their world has been nothing short of magical. 

We can’t stop swooning!