Going Strong! Stevie J and Faith Evans’ Love Story In Pictures
Steven Jordan (aka Stevie J) and Faith Evans shocked the world after revealing they’d tied the knot in a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas last July. The producer/songwriter and the legendary R&B singer had been longtime friends in the music industry for years before becoming romantically involved. Although it took some convincing from Stevie’s side, their bond went from platonic to romantic in a flash. Although many folks had their doubts, it appears Stevie is hanging up is player hat and buckling down as a devoted family man.
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This week, the Jordans will show us what it’s like to be newlyweds blending families when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 8 premieres. As expected, the entire cast is shocked (except Mimi) and have more questions than answers about this newfound love affair. As we wait on the edge of our seats, let’s take a look at Stevie J and Faith enjoying their journey as husband and wife.  


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