Was there ever a time former NFL pro and sportscaster Shannon Sharpe wasn’t in shape? Based on these new photos, probably not.

In honor of the Internet-christened “Throwback Thursday,” the 51-year-old posted three side-by-side photos of himself at different ages. What do they have in common? Well, let’s just say Mr. Sharpe likely never went through an awkward phase.

That’s right, from ages 28 to 51, it seems Sharpe’s buff body has been frozen in time. Rightfully so, the former athlete did a little bragging on himself in a series of hashtags. “Finer Than Frog Hair” and “Shredded Life Trump Tax Return” are some of our personal favorites.

The Chicago native has never been shy about showing off his toned physique. Just shy of his 50th birthday, Sharpe told Men’s Health all about his strict diet and workout regime that keeps him healthy and happy. The TV personality keeps his meals hearty yet lean (oatmeal and fruit are usually on the menu for breakfast, followed by a high protein lunch). He also conditions with multiple CrossFit and spin classes per week.

“They say that insanity is doing something over and over again, but [expecting] different results,” Sharpe told the magazine. “I do the same thing over and over for the same result — to be healthy and happy at the end of the day.”

Hard work definitely pays off!


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