My man wants to try spanking, but I’m a little apprehensive. What should I do?


You’re probably thinking that spanking means hard, angry smacks to the rear, used as a form of discipline. But what your man’s referring to is erotic spanking. The goal isn’t pain but fantasy-power and control by the spanker and submission by the one being spanked. Still, spanking the buttocks will cause blood to rush to the area, and many women find the increased warmth and tingling to be thrilling. Although considered an act of foreplay to many, some women are able to experience an orgasm through spanking alone.

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Before you and your man embark on your S&M journey, watch an erotic DVD like Nina Hartley’s Guide to Spanking ( to learn more about it. Then set limits with your partner about what body parts can be spanked, how hard and the signal that you’ll give to let him know to stop if it’s not enjoyable. And don’t forget to switch roles. He might just want a few love taps, too.


Happy lovemaking!