My man only wants to have anal sex with me. Is he gay?

Your guy’s preference for anal sex is likely just that: a preference. Many people mistakenly consider it a purely homosexual act, but the desire for anal sex is not necessarily related to one’s sexual identity. The truth is, many heterosexual couples also enjoy this kind of sex play. Some men love anal sex because they enjoy the intense sensation created by the snug fit of the anus around their penis. And because anal sex can stimulate the G-spot, women may find it highly erotic as well. To increase your enjoyment, take your time, use lots of silicone-based lubricant, experiment with different positions, and communicate with your partner about what feels good—and what doesn’t.

But keep in mind that limiting yourself to only one technique increases boredom and decreases desire. If your anal-only sex life isn’t hitting your G or any other spot, it might be time to make some changes. Talk to your man about new and creative ways to bring excitement back to your bedroom. If he refuses to compromise, it might be time to rethink your relationship.