The 8 Sexiest Songs Bad Boy Records Ever Gave Us

No one kept it hot in the 90s quite like the artists of Bad Boy. We take a steamy trip down memory lane.

Remember these sultry slow jams?

Back in the day, Bad Boy churned out the hits like clockwork and a lot of 90s baby-making went down courtesy of the back-to-back R&B jams Puff Daddy and the family were spinning out during the label’s heyday. Back then artists like 112 and Carl Thomas kept it hot like no one else on the charts could.

These were the absolute best slow jams to come out of the “can’t stop, won’t stop” era and we know you have some unforgettable memories to prove it. (Wink!)

112 ft. Lil Zane “Anywhere”

112's "Anywhere" says it all. When you're ready to get it hot and steamy, it can definitely happen anywhere!

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Carl Thomas “Summer Rain”

In the early 2000s, Carl Thomas found R&B gold with a  "Summer Rain." The melody and vocals were steamy, sensual and so unforgettable. Raise your hand if this song brings back Destiny's Child level emotions.

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112 "Peaches And Cream"

In 2001 and beyond, who didn't get it poppin to a mixtape playlist that included the groups' hit single "Peaches And Cream"? Enough said.

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Carl Thomas "Lady Lay Your Body"

Women all over the world were willing to let Carl Thomas "rub the loneliness away" when this seductive summer jam took over the airwaves. Boy did Carl know how to set the mood to groove.

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112 "Cupid"

Cupid doesn't lie, and neither did 112 when they sang about yearning for a lover's heart and soul on this iconic 90s track. Mmm mmm mmm!

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Faith Evans "Soon As I Get Home"

Listening to Faith Evans croon about making it up to her man when she gets home from work had listeners rushing home to make their own slow jams. There is no denying that this was a classic get it poppin' bop.

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Total “Kissin' You”

Don't matter who knows. Don't care who sees....Yup, you just started singing along because everyone knew and loved Total's infectious, go-there summer hit. It served up peak "I can't wait to love on you" vibes that came through like only a 90s slow-jam could.

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Cassie "Me & U"

Dropping in the mid 2000s, Cassie instantly had a hit on her hands when this flirty track made its way to the nationwide airwaves. The synthy-pop bop definitely helps set the mood when you and your boo are trying to get in the groove on or off the dance floor and the beat will always be iconic.

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