Intimacy Intervention: ‘My Man Is Obsessed With Having Sex While I’m On My Period’
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Dear Abiola,

My man is obsessed with having sex while I have my period. He even wants to have oral sex with me during that time of the month. I’ve never been into this so I’ve never even had sex during the red storm until him. Is this a fetish? Is there anything special I need to know about period sex? I really like this dude but i don’t want to be into anything weird. Should I break up with him?


Red, Not Ready

Dear Sacred Bombshell,

For much of the general adult population, sex during menstruation is not a taboo. Many couples just add a towel to the bed and move forward! These people fall more into the “periods don’t block our fun” camp.

Then there are men and women who fetishize having sex during that time of the month. Yes, this is an actual thing. As with any other kind of intimate play, Intimacy Interventions is a judgement-free zone. Anything that consenting adults agree to works for us, as long as it is safe, sane and again, consensual. A New York Magazine article even gave this group of period -seekers a name, “Blood Hounds.”

So yes, your man may have a period fetish. No, that by itself is not a reason to break up with him — especially if you’re really into him.

You didn’t mention how you feel about period sex. If it’s a practice that turns you off, then you may be incompatible. If you’re indifferent and otherwise happy in the relationship, then go for it! Enjoy! Sex during your period can offer benefits such as reduced menstrual cramps, increased endorphins and other happy hormones. After all, your period is a normal, healthy part of life, not some deep, dark taboo or secret.

6 Things to Know About Period Sex

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– You can still get pregnant.

– You can still catch HIV, Hepatitis and other STDs.

– Missionary position or lying on your side are the least messy positions. 

– Being on top is the messiest position.

– You may opt to enjoy the bathtub or shower instead of the bedroom if being messy is your concern. 

– Some recommend using a menstrual cup to catch the blood during period sex, but you should check with your own doctor to know if this is an option for you. 

Congrats on finding someone you’re really into!

Passionately yours,


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